about ME

Gavin Silberman.


I have always been curious about how things were put together, and as a young boy stripped my toys apart just to see how they worked. My grandfather was a fantastic woodworker, and I remember feeling an immense sense of excitement when I visited his work shop. One day he dropped a pile of scrap wood, nails and a hammer off at our house. I immediately set to work hammering together a structure that can best be described as a type of sculpture. That love for building has remained with me.

My professional life began when a girlfriend's mother, an interior designer asked me if I wanted to do some odd jobs at a clients house. I jumped at the opportunity. My first tool kit was very basic basic and the toolbox was none other than a small metal cookie tin. This began my career in home improvements. Over the years I specialized in woodworking as I just loved the material. In time I built up all the necessary equipment to tackle all kinds of woodworking and renovation jobs.

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